Autumn Inspiration and Tom Thomson

So, this is my very first blog post!  Welcome!

I’m a Canadian citizen and live in Kingston, Ontario, where I own and operate a business called Red Maple which specializes in funny Canadian t-shirts and gifts for Canada fans.  But you can learn more about me on the about me page!

I created this site to share my paintings, photographs and artistic inspiration with you.

I’m taking as many fall pictures as I possibly can these days, so I have lots of motives to paint from in my new studio in the back yard this winter. It’s about another week from peak season for the colourful leaves in and around Frontenac Park, I would say. Then soon I have to buy more white oil paint, to be ready for the first snow paintings. Yikes!

“The maples are about all stripped of leaves now, but the birches are very rich in colour… the best I can do does not do the place much justice in the way of beauty.” – Tom Thomson

How humble good old Tom was! And yet his artwork was so beautiful. I find he was such a genius; he was so good at portraying nature and wilderness in its raw and pure essence. Sprinkle a bit of your genius down on me Mr. Thomson, from heaven. Respect! 🙂

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