About Me

The artist Per-Henrik Guerth is the original creator of the popular and funny Canadian T-shirts such as “Canadian Fast Food”, “Canadian Polar Bear in Snowstorm”, “Canadian Beaver at Night”, “Canadian Triathlon”, “Canadian White House”, “Tourists Crossing” and many more.

Per’s Made in Canada art can be found on Canadian magnets and notepads, boxer shorts, nightgowns, aprons and mugs, shot glasses,

 bags, hats, Canadian touques and more.Per is also the illustrator of the very popular Canadian concept books “ABC of Canada”, “Canada 123” and “Canada in Colours” (to name just a few) that have landed spots on book bestseller lists. Per regularly does book signings for his books at his store at 55 Brock Street in Kingston, Ontario.

The Canadian artist was born in Freiburg, Germany, and he studied art and graphic-design at the renowned School of Design in Basel, Switzerland.

After Per immigrated to Canada in 1995 he lived in Toronto and worked for various design and new media agencies. He developed print and multimedia designs for accounts like Labatt, Roots Canada, TV Ontario, IBM, Nikon Canada and many more.

In 1999 Per formed the company Per-Design Inc. and launched the Per-Design wholesale line of Canadian apparel and gifts. The Canadian T-shirt line quickly became one of the most popular and successful lines in the resort and gift industry in Canada. Customers include Canadian airport shops, Air Canada, BC Ferries, Biodome of Montreal, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Calgary Stampede, Tundra Buggy Tours in Churchill, Hudson Bay Company, Fairmont Hotels, Mc Michael Museum, Canadian National Parks and Canadian Provincial Parks, Royal Mounted Police, The ROM, Toronto Zoo, Calgary Zoo, Granby Zoo, Kanada Tshirts and many more.

Per has been commissioned to create art and design work for diverse organizations such as The Hudson Bay Company, Museum of Civilization, Ottawa/Hull, the Royal Mounted Police, the Rocky Mountains National Parks, the Eatons private art collection and various other art collections and institutions.

In 2002 Per donated the fundraising design for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Its application on various merchandise helped raise about half a million dollars for the hospital.

In 2005 Per designed and donated the official logo “Friends in High Places” for the Canadian Rocky Mountains National Parks. The logo is used on signage, stationary as well as on merchandise that is being sold in all of the National Park’s gift shops to raise funds for the parks. In 2008 Per developed a series of Canadian designs for apparel and merchandise for Sesame Street Canada.

The Canadian artist has also illustrated and written over 2 dozen published children’s books. His book “ABC of Canada” and “Canada 123” by Kids Can Press have been on the bestseller list for Canadian children’s books. The half a dozen books in this “Canada Concept” book series have sold almost half a million books and have become a Canadian classic in Canadian kindergarten and grade one and two class rooms.

The book “Oh Canada” has recently been promoted and featured on Kellog’s cereal boxes all across Canada.

His books “When Wishes come True” and “Together Forever” by Lobster Press, Montreal was illustrated as well as written by Per. The story with Canadian polar bears for the book “When Wishes come True” was inspired by his daughter Emily.

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